In The Middle Of The Milky Way There Is A Huge Chaotic And Unpredictable Black Hole

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An international team of researchers, after analysing 15 years of data, came to the conclusion that Sagittarius A, the black hole at the center of our galaxy, has an inexplicable and unpredictable behavior, not only lighting irregularly, but also

Sagittarius A is, as is known, a powerful radio source, as well as X-rays and gamma rays. Astronomers have been aware for decades that it “brilliant” every day, emitting huge radiation explosions from ten to one hundred times brighter than normal signals observed by a normal black hole.

To study further these mysterious “brilliant” astronomers, led by Dr. Alexis Andrés, has been looking for reference models over 15 years of data made available by NASA’s Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory, a satellite in orbit around Earth dedicated to detecting gamma-ray flashes.

Explorer-84, as it is also known, observes in fact the gamma rays emitted by the black hole from far 2006, recording high levels of activity in the period 2006 to 2008, with a strong decrease in the next four years, and then increasing again in frequency after 2012, making

In the coming years, the team of astronomers is planning to collect sufficient data to be able to exclude whether the variations of the Sagittarius A flares are due to the passage of clouds or gaseous stars, or if something else can determine the observed irregular activity

Dr. Jakob van den Eijnden, of Oxford University and co-author of the study, commented on the team’s results: “The way exactly the flares occur remains unclear. Previously it was thought that they originated from the passage of gaseous clouds or stars, but there is still no evidence to confirm it. We cannot even support the hypothesis that the magnetic properties of the surrounding gas have a role to play in this.”

The full research was published in the Monthly News of the Royal Astronomical Society.

These celestial bodies have always attracted scholars and astrologers, giving a lot of material to treat, as when a black hole was observed different from all others, or when you were able to study a rare type of black hole while devouring a nearby star Are you fascinated by Space too?

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