Infinity Issues At The Champions League Debut: Mediaset Gives 15 Days

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Problem debut for Mediaset Infinity on the occasion of the Champions League return. In fact, on yesterday’s evening, subscribers to Mediaset’s streaming platform complained about many disservices during the first half of the games. Specifically, buffering and black screen issues have been reported.

The peak of reports arrived around 8 pm, when the pre-game of the evening round challenges started, which saw Juventus and Atalanta as protagonists, as well as Barcelona-Bayern Monaco in the superchallenge of Camp Nou

In the evening Mediaset apologized: “We apologize to you. There was a technical problem. We are working to resolve this in the shortest possible time,” says a post published on the Twitter account followed by another message arrived at the end of the evening when the Biscione announced that it had extended the subscriptions for 15 days as a form of compensation for what happened. “Sorry, there were so many of you. We apologize to those who have had disservices despite the problem was not caused by us. We decided to extend the Infinity+ billing month to all of 15 days,” said Mediaset.

Tonight, the team returns to the field again, but the Champions League live on Amazon Prime Video also comes into play.

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