Instagram And The Nfts, Wedding In Sight? Here Are The Words Of The Ceo

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Instagram also begins to probe the terrain of non-fumable tokens. It’s not a joke, though it’s still theoretical. No official announcements, but let’s figure out what it is by following the words of the CEO of the social network.

That the communication sector was also moving in this direction was now being acclaimed. After the auction of the first tweet in history like NFT and the subsequent creation of an internal team for the active integration of blockchain technologies on Twitter, it was only a matter of time before the newly born Meta started to put us in the process.

We learn this directly from the words of the CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, who recently said that he did not, to be precise, “nothing to officially announce, for the moment, but we are actively exploring the world of the NFTs and the A special consideration, of course, also for content creators and digital artists: “I believe it is an interesting territory to fit in and also a possible way to help creators.”

The above is an extract from one of the latest Q&A sessions of the photo sharing platform, but Meta’s social ownership over the last few months has already been the scene of artistic events linked to the blockchain, such as the live project and the

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