Instagram Exceeds 2 Billion Active Users Every Month, But There Are Also Criticisms

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What is normally an important milestone for social networks, in the case of Instagram is no reason to boast in public right now. New market data say that the platform signed Meta has reached 2 billion active users each month, but there are important concerns for young people.

The number taken from the US web portal of CNBC was not announced by Instagram, let alone by CEO Adam Mosseri who, just on these cold days of December, is at the US Senate as a witness to discuss the alleged danger to the psi

In addition to the report published last September by the Wall Street Journal on the negative impact on the personal perception of users, there is also talk of a risk of dependence and use of Instagram too frequently. Concerns not to take at all underhang and on which, in fact, Instagram developers would be already working.

A first key step will be to take a break for teenagers, already arrived in the English speaking countries and the global release expected for the next few weeks. Other measures will probably come in the coming months, but will they be enough to stem the set of psychological risks and still keep a gap on the rival TikTok app?

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