Instagram: Incoming “Take A Break” Function For Teenagers

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Meta has repeatedly stated that he wants to aim for the return of young people on his social networks, even if they think Facebook and Instagram are outdated and “old.” Instagram, in particular, is pushing the younger audience with features with vocal synthesis and musical effects for the Reels, which look much like TikTok’s.

Instagram apparently intends to replace TikTok by introducing new features that bring him closer to the ByteDance platform in terms of content and audience targets. Facebook, according to Facebook Papers, would like to address mostly a children’s and teenagers’ audience. One of the most serious problems of this choice, however, is that social networks often pose a danger to the physical and, above all, mental health of the youngest.

This topic has recently been discussed by Adam Mosseri, one of the most important executives of Instagram, who was specifically questioned by the American Senate. Shortly after Mosseri’s testimony, Instagram introduced some new features designed to improve the user experience of younger people on the social network.

For example, the “Take a Break” or “Take a Break” feature has finally been released for the accounts of the American, Canadian and Australian platform teenagers, which indicates users who are scrolling the application feed from

Among the other features added are a report of the activities of the children’s accounts, sent directly to the parent’s email used to enroll the user in Instagram, and the possibility for all accounts to delete in bulk the photos and stories published in a given class.

Finally, another feature that could make a difference for children and adolescents online is the blocking of the possibility for adult users to write to minors who do not follow them on Instagram, which could prove central to reducing cases of online harassment.

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