Instagram Introduces Important Changes For Video Content: From Remix To Live

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Instagram announced yesterday the launch of subscriptions in social media to support content creators, but it is not the only news that has come in these hours. Today, the platform operators have revealed two significant changes to its video offerings: the expansion of Remix and the promotion of live broadcasts.

In the case of Remix functionality currently available within Reels, it is the possibility to remix completely new video content regardless of whether it is Reels or other content. With the new feature expanded you can then choose a series of suitable movies to add effects, audio and voices out of the field.

How do you do that? Just select a public Instagram video from your smartphone, tap the three points in the top right and select the After that, you can record the response or upload it in the form of pre-recorded video, finally sharing the final product to the public through the Reels. Instagram said: [Feature] will give creators another way to reinvent their content and collaborate with other content creators.

Another announcement concerns the use of Instagram for live broadcasts: from today, 20 January 2022, anyone who has programmed a live broadcast will be able to take advantage of various options to promote it highlighting topic, date and time for the audience to prepare for the broadcast in advance.

But beware of a third new feature now under development: the visualization of the Stories with vertical scroll, just like the videos of TikTok.

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