Intel Alder Lake: Drm Problems Have (Almost) Disappeared, Finally

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When they were launched last month, Intel Alder Lake CPUs had problems with DRMs of many more or less recent video games, especially on Windows 11. Intel and Microsoft promised fast fixes to the problem, which blocked players with a particularly recent device from accessing numerous video games.

Now, apparently, Intel and Microsoft have solved the problems with DRMs on almost all video games that were not compatible so far: in particular, at the moment, there are only three products still not working on CPU Alder Lake and Windows 11 due to To compare, at the launch date of the Alder Lake line, there were 51 non-compatible video games.

The problem was that some DRM software identified the hybrid configuration of Intel CPUs as two separate PCs: the processors of the Alder Lake line, in fact, have two different core architectures, namely the P-Core, Now, it seems that most DRM software correctly identifies the two different types of cores as part of a single chip.

Gigabyte had also provided a fix for the problem, but the fact that Microsoft and Intel have collaborated for the timely resolution of the bug can only be considered positive, net of the rather long time required for the arrival of the solution designed by the two companies.

At the moment, the only three games still not compatible with the new Alder Lake CPUs on Windows 11 are Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Fernbus Simulator and Madden 2022, which can still be played by enabling the Manufacturers such as MSI and Gigabyte also made it easier to access the setting, avoiding long and tedious procedures.

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