Intel Alder Lake, Goodbye To H670 Motherboards At Ces 2022?

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After Intel confirmed for CES 2022, the voices about the rest of the Alder Lake family suddenly became more and more insistent, including some rumors about the most accessible band platforms compared to Intel Z690.

Waiting to find out what will be revealed on stage during the keynote of 4 January 2022, we learn from ITHome that motherboards equipped with Intel B660 and Intel H610 chipsets should land on the market already the following day, though

On the subject, MyDrivers has expressed itself, claiming that this segment could be deleted once and for all, simplifying the portfolio and facilitating also the production process with less internal fragmentation. After all, with the launch of Intel Rocket Lake last year, Intel has started the overclocking of memories on Intel B560, suggesting that this platform was of crucial importance to the company. Moreover, at this point, an intermediate offer, too far from the top of the range and too close to the mainstream one, could cease to have a reason to be, decreeing the definitive cancellation of the range.

At present, they are only rumor, not confirmed or officially denied by the producer. What do you think of this possible move by Intel? Let us know in the comment space.

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