Intel Alder Lake, Leaked On The Net The Non-K Lineup: Here Are The Possible Prices

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While Intel Core i5-12400F was sold in advance in Peru, so far there was a discreet reserve over the rest of the range. Thanks to a resounding lead by Best Buy, however, there are few secrets about Alder Lake processors at 65W.

As we can see at the bottom, in fact, we have no way of knowing exactly every detail, starting from the fact that some models presumably still lack appeal. The screen allows us to get a rough idea of what could be the first models to land on the market and its prices.

It starts with Intel Core i9-12900. A hybrid CPU with 16 Core and 24 Thread, proposed at $509.99 and $529.99 depending on whether or not there is an integrated graphics section, for a total reduction of about $60 on the variants with unlocked multiplier.

Continuing on the list, we observe the i7-12700 that, if name and specifications were confirmed, would be proposed at $ 359.99 in the variant 65W with 12 Core and 20 Thread, always with structure to heterogeneous architecture. No news, however, for the variant without graphics Intel Xe.

As for the rich midrange, represented by i5 models, we find solutions ranging from $ 179,99 of 12400F to $ 239,99 of Intel Core i5-12600. In all cases, according to the source, we should not have at our disposal high efficiency clusters but only 6 Cores with P-Core architecture. The attention is very high in this area, especially in light of the excellent results unlined by the Intel Core i5-12600K in the full review.

Finally, the i3 models listed are two, accompanied in the entry level segment also by the Pentium G7400 to 79.99 dollars and the G6900 to 59.99 dollars. The i3-12100 will range from $109.99 of model F to $139.99 of the variant with integrated graphics.

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