Intel Arc Gpus Have Been Postponed To 2022, According To A Rumor

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After announcing the release of the Alchemist Arc GPUs in early 2022 with a trailer released during The Game Awards 2021, Intel seems to have postponed the launch of its mid-high-end GPUs to date to be targeted, removing

Obviously, the removal of references to Q1 2022 does not mean that the Alchemist Arc GPUs have been postponed, but a formal announcement from Santa Clara’s house about their delay may be coming shortly. In all probability, according to the VideoCardZ portal, the Intel Arc GPUs will always be released in 2022, probably in the following quarter, between April and July.

Also, according to VideoCardZ, Intel is focusing on the GPU Mobile, so in all probability the mid-low band cards will be marketed first, and only the mid-high band cards will be marketed. For this reason, even if low-end GPUs are released by March 2022, the high-end desktop GPUs will surely slip to the following months.

At the same time, it seems that even the outputs of laptops with Intel GPU will start only in Q2 2022, which lets you think that we will have to wait a later moment this year to see the graphics cards of Santa Clara in operation.

However, it remains to be understood whether the choice to delay the GPU output is due to problems in the production chain or whether it is simply a specific commercial choice of Intel. The company, according to Tom’s Hardware, would have decided to rebrand and reconfigure them as graphics cards for laptops or creatives, views and videos.

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