Intel Arc, Raja Koduri Participates In A Live Stream With Gpu Alchemist

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During his latest live streaming interview on DrLupo’s YouTube channel, Raja Koduri was a river in the middle. Between anticipations and confirmations, the director of the Intel hardware and graphics development department spoke to us about the present and future of the new GPUs.

For starters, he confirmed to be live with a PC with Intel ARC graphics, but at the bottom it was to be expected. An interesting confirmation, a few days after the digital show of Intel at CES 2022, that could be the perfect stage to talk about it again.

According to Koduri, the Alchemist ARC GPUs have now been well over the Beta development phase and would already be in the hands of partner producers, although there is still no talk of a final stage. Also, we talked about the future of the range, focusing on what we already know about the Intel GPU roadmap, between Battlemage, Celestial and Druid. In particular, we also talked about an interesting feature for the cloud streaming from your PC, exploiting the hardware we have at home remotely. It is a feature that, however, should not come with the first generation.

As for the first – and next – video cards from gaming, Koduri said that production at TSMC travels to beaten spur, as far as possible given the world situation. In this regard, he reiterated that shortage and therefore the problems associated with the production chain are now to be considered the state of affairs and that we will have to learn to live with each other in the near future.

About another important user base, the miners, the Intel executive explained that the company has all the intention to produce hardware specific for blockchain operations, but not to be confused with GPUs, which have a target

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