Intel Core I5-12400 Already Tested On The Net: Better Than I9-11900K At Half Price?

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After analysing all Intel’s advances for CES 2022, it appears quite clear that among the most anticipated products are the “non-K” Alder Lake processors, which should also bring in dowry the new Intel Laminar stock heat sink.

The network was chatted in the last few hours, especially the expected Intel Core i5-12400, on which some users would already be able to get their hands on, probably following a curious early sale of Intel Alder

Well, as a result of this, it was clear that we would soon or later also know about the possible performance, since these CPUs would be technically compatible with the Z690 chipset already released at the same time as the Intel Alder Lake-K processors.

Benchmarks published by chi11eddog tell us a particularly exciting scenario. As in the course of the review of Intel Core i5-12600K, in fact, even the 12400 seems to defend itself well in gaming, unwinding scores easily higher than those of Intel Core i9-11900KF and with consumption clearly

On board the test system we find two 16GB DDR5-4800 RAM modules, while the GPU is an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti. The operating system used is Windows 11. As you can expect, the synthetic benchmarks provide us with a different response, with the new i5 holding at 12145 points and the i9 at 15280, on Cinebench R23.

Without this evidence that, like all synthetic benchmarks, leaves the time it finds, it will be interesting to evaluate the performance of this curious CPU that, at this point, could become a resounding best buy for gaming.

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