Intel Core I9, Here Are The Photos Of The New High Performance Heat Sink With Led

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Difficult to establish before the launch, but this new generation seems to bring in a decent dose of attention to detail also with regard to dissipation solutions. The design, surely, is already promoted.

Although the solutions are limited by the TGP, at least according to the first voices, to 65W, for its first generation of hybrid processors Intel has thought of doing things in great terms in many ways, including the new stock heatsinks.

Three voiced solutions: RS1, RM1 RH1. So far we had only had the opportunity to look at the intermediate model, designed for i3, i5 and i7, about which we spoke only a few moments ago about the news of an alleged early sale of Intel Core i5-12400F.

With Intel Laminar RH1, the manufacturer intends to refresh the new generation i9, although in the non-K variants. The photos appeared on the net and published by Catsarestillpr1, show it in all its splendor. Then, also re-proposed in high resolution by @momomo_us, at first glance it would seem to be a completely metallic heatsink, with a decidedly refreshed design, a more aggressive look and a blue LED backlight, which recall the color

Now missing the call is the only Laminar RS1, solution designed for the Pentium and Celeron entry level processors, according to the first slides on the new Intel stock heat sink.

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