Intel: Finally Solved Drm Problems For All Pc Video Games

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Shortly after the announcement of the Alder Lake processor line, it emerged that the Intel CPUs were having problems with DRMs, which made different games incompatible with the twelfth generation of chips from the Santa Clara manufacturer. Intel, however, today announced that it has solved all DRM compatibility issues for its CPUs.

Intel had made the Alder Lake CPUs compatible with almost all DRMs with a fix last December, but it didn’t seem to work on popular games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Madden 2022. The problem, according to Intel and Microsoft, was that some DRM management software, especially on Windows 11, misrecognized the hybrid structure of CPUs as two separate hardware configurations.

In recent months, Intel and several motherboard manufacturers have proposed fixes, including “casalinghi,” to the problem, publishing versions of their BIOS compatible with the “Legacy Mode” for video games equipped with problematic DRMs.

However, Intel confirmed that all video games are now compatible with Alder Lake CPUs, including those for which the company had failed to solve DRM issues last December. At the moment, therefore, Intel is not aware of DRM incompatible with its new generation CPUs, although this may mean that some games, perhaps with a less wide audience, may still have problems with Alder Lake processors, which will emerge

Intel released a statement saying that “Intel solved the 12th-generation Intel Core DRM issues, which caused crashing or failure to load some games on Windows 11 and/or Windows 10, working with publishers and At the moment, all games originally identified for their DRM problems have been made compatible with patches and system updates. If you are experiencing problems on a older Windows operating system, start the latest version of Windows Update.”

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