Intel Has Great Projects To Ensure The “Beauty Of The Metaverse”: Here Are The

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Intel spoke of his plans after 2025 at the IEDM conference a few days ago, and today he seems ready to expose himself to another burning topic of the computer world on which he had not yet taken a position. In fact, Intel has released his first statements about Metaverse and Meta.

That Intel should play a leading role in the transition to Metaverse was inevitable: the company is the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturer, while its hardware solutions are present on almost every PC and cloud. However, despite what might be thought, Intel believes that its major contribution to Metaverse expansion will not be in hardware, but in software.

Intel has in fact explained that its objective is to increase the computing performance available for both users and the community: this means above all improving the capabilities of chips mounted on each computer, but then it also means creating cloud structures capable of supporting traditional devices The most emblematic example in this sense is the cloud gaming, which allows you to play video games that require high computing power starting from a common laptop, TV or smartphone.

Intel, however, still does not seem to be satisfied with the progress made by the chips and cloud: in an interview with Quartz, the director of the Intel group specializing in acceleration of graphics and computing systems Raja Koduri said that “the Raja And then there’s the cloud. We have made enormous progress, but that is not enough.”

The problem, according to Koduri, is that devices for most of the time are not used to the maximum of their possibilities, causing huge losses in terms of graphic power and overall computing. Intel’s challenge is therefore to create a system that shares the computing power of devices on the network, both on local and global networks, so as to use at the same time the power of different devices to make possible actions that would currently require a

Koduri explains his intuition by saying that “the computing you need to create a photorealistic version of yourself or your environment must be continuous wherever you go. This means that your PCs, phones, networks and phone cells that have some computing capabilities, as well as your cloud computing, need to work in concert as an orchestra. By combining all these elements, you can guarantee the beauty of the metaverse. It will take time.”

Returning to more immediate issues, Intel hired a hit and response with TSMC regarding its placement in the semiconductor supply landscape, considering it as a poor producer because of China’s geopolitical threat to Taiwan.

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