Intel, Here Are Which Nvidia And Amd Cards Will Compete With Alchemist

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From here to the first quarter of 2022 everything will really change in Intel. Starting with the new Intel Alder Lake processors, the first with hybrid architecture, up to the discrete gaming video cards and the alleged new stock heat sinks.

As for the video cards of the Intel Arc line, the US company has not unbuttoned then more in detail, revealing the name and some key features, including the presence of specific units for acceleration with the AI able to animate also

Everything else, however, is still wrapped in mystery. In the last few hours, however, an interesting slide has emerged on the net, containing a comparison between the lineup currently on the market and the supposed location in purely performance terms of the new Intel Arc Alchemist cards within it.

As can be seen from the slide published at the bottom, dating back to the pre-Arc era, the Intel range will consist mainly of two macroblocks, two SKU, one 75W and one 175 to 225W.

If there may not be enough competition in the mainstream sector, things in the mid-high range are becoming much more interesting, where the RTX 3070 still runs the RX 6700XT side by side. At least so far.

Will this be the final location of the top range of the Intel Arc Alchemist series? Of course, it is a detail that only time can reveal but the assumptions for one of the most exciting heads-to-heads of recent times are all there.

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