Intel, New Stock Heat Sink For Alder Lake? Here Are The Images

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One of the hottest themes of summer was undoubtedly the reveal of the hybrid architecture of the CPU Alder Lake, the next Intel family of processors to be the twelfth Intel Core generation.

The particular structure of these CPUs will allow you to use different Cores depending on the task you are performing, thanks to a hybrid architecture that allows you to coexist in the same processor a high efficiency and a high performance micro architecture.

With Efficient-Core and Performance-Core, the shape of Intel processors changes, which, from the now typical square, will turn towards a rectangular factor, to allow to accommodate the new elements. In this context, what has emerged in the last few hours does not seem so absurd.

A few minutes ago, in fact, on the net appeared what would appear to be an Intel Alder Lake slide presentation depicting three totally renewed dissipation solutions compared to the Intel stock heat sinks we are used to.

The screen reads “For Placement Only” so it is possible to expect something different when the new processors arrive on the shelves but, always in the slide, there is in no way disproved the presence of three heat sinks of the new Intel La line

The solutions shown are:

Intel Laminar RH1

Intel Laminar RM1

Intel Laminar RS1

The three products are listed in order of heat dissipation capacity and in addition to this, also for additional features, at least according to the images. The top model of the RH1 range seems to be equipped with full RGB lighting, while the middle model seems to have a characteristic halo type RGB lighting available. Finally, the RS1 model may not have any particular aesthetic characteristic, in addition to the form factor decidedly remodeled compared to the now consolidated line of stock heat sinks.

The idea that new heat sinks can come with a new socket is not so scientific. It will be worth discovering, however, whether these solutions will be able to manage the best of the CPUs that seem to consume many watts and produce so much heat.

In any case, the above has not yet been confirmed or denied by Intel, so at present it is only a matter of rumor to be taken with all the caution of the case.

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