Intel Raptor Lake: Are These The First Specifications Of Intel Core I9-13900K?

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We saw the first benchmark of a 13th generation Intel Raptor Lake CPU in early December, on BAPCO. From the benchmark we know that the CPU tested had 24 Cores: on this CPU, today, several new information emerged thanks to a bootlog appeared on the portal Coelacanth Dream.

In particular, the bootlog refers to a prototype of 13th Generation Raptor Lake CPU: in all probability, given the configuration of its cores, it is the highest-end Raptor Lake processor, namely the Intel Co

From the bootlog we know that the CPU has 24 Core and 32 Threads, of which 8 Performance Core (P) and 16 Efficiency Core (E): the number of Efficiency Core, in particular is even double that of the This supports a leak from a few months ago, according to which Intel Raptor Lake CPUs will have more Cores and consume less than Alder Lake processors.

The bootlog shows that the clock speed of the CPU is 1.8 GHz: it is obviously a very low speed, but this must not be frightened, because we are certainly faced with a test on an embryonic CPU, which justifies

At CES 2022, Intel Vice President Gregory Bryant confirmed that the Raptor Lake CPUs will arrive in 2022, and that their production is perfectly in line with the plans of the Santa Clara company. However, Intel has not specified any more precise launch window than a generic “2022”: considering that the AMD Ryzen 7000 processors with Zen 4 architecture will arrive in the third or fourth quarter of 2022, it is not unreasonable to think that even Intel can launch

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