Intel, Ready 80 Billion Euros To Produce Chips In Europe: Italy Is Also Evaluated

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Intel has said it is ready to complete an investment of about 80 billion euros in Europe within a ten-year plan that previews the realization of chips for the automotive market in the Old Continent. Italy could also be involved in the project, and there is also talk of a Mirafiori hypothesis for a plant.

The announcement came from the CEO Pat Gelsinger, who intervened at an event at the Motor Show in Munich said that the company intends to place two plants for the production of microchips in a new European site, in order to meet the demand and

According to the report by my colleagues at CorriereComunicati, Intel would like to locate a plant in Ireland for the production of car chips and would be evaluating a facility in the Mirafiori area in Turin.

“This new era of demand sustained for semiconductors needs large and extensive evaluations” said Gelsinger during the course of the intervention to the Motor Show, where he also specified that semiconductors will represent more than 20% of the material costs of future cars that will go to place themselves

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