Intel, Ryan Shrout Shows Gen5 Ssds In Action: Faster Than Ps5

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While waiting to find out how many of Intel’s advances at CES 2022 will actually be confirmed, we learn from Ryan Shrout’s Twitter profile about the interesting news about the new PCIe Gen5 standard in action on Intel Alder Lake.

First of all, however, we need to give some context. After the Intel lump sum at CES 2022, the company decided to opt once again for the digital presence only. Among the many ads, the blue giant had intended to show live for the first time the performance of the Gen5 SSDs on board a system with 12th generation Intel CPUs, the world’s first consumer sector to support the new standard.

Well, as a direct consequence of this change of program, Ryan Shrout himself thought it would be good to publish the video that would be screened at the CES 2022 on his social profiles. The result? So much justified clamor, since the performances quietly touch the 14 GB/s in sequential reading, to be exact 13.7 GB/s. In sequential writing, instead, you reach 6.6 GB/s.

By removing the discrete video card and inserting two new generation SSDs into the system, Shrout was able to reach and break through the wall of 28 GB/s.

The system used by Shrout is naturally composed of an Intel Core i9-12900K CPU on board a Asus ROG Maximus Z690 APEX motherboard, recognizable by the dissipation plate of the M2 slot. The drive used is a Samsung PM1743, a model dedicated to the enterprise segment.

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