Ios 15.2, When Will The Update Arrive? All Imminent: Details And News

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Following the release of the Release Candidate of iOS 15.2, there are few people who wonder when Apple will release the stable version of the update. In this context, details have emerged that suggest that everything is imminent.

In fact, according to the data reported by PhoneArena, it must be remembered that the aforementioned Release Candidate (RC) is nothing more than the version of the update that generally precedes that “for all” version. In addition, as also indicated by MacRumors, on December 10, 2021, an RC2 was released, which seems to prelude the imminent release of the update in stable version.

The possible date of iOS 15.2 output is imminent

More specifically, according to the latest rumors, the update should arrive for everyone in the week preceding the 2021 Christmas week. In other words, already on the Italian evening of 13 December 2021 (perhaps around 19:00) the update could be released for those who are not participating in the test phase. I mean, it seems like the “highlight” is coming.

New Apple Update for iPhones

Why is the update expected by a good number of users? Simple: The innovations that will most likely be introduced with the stable version of iOS 15.2 are interesting in different ways. To understand, reference is made, for example, to the arrival of the Apple Music subscription linked to Siri (€4,99 per month), as well as the functionality that signals the non-original components of the iPhone. There are features related to the “Where is” app (to find any other AirTags that are tracking the location), as well as there is no shortage of chance to use randomly generated email addresses to respond to email messages. I mean, there’s also some privacy focus.

By the way, users seem to be responding well to Apple’s software updates, just see the already widely adopted iOS 15.

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