Iphone 13 Pro: 4K Prores Videos Will Be Limited To Only A Few Configurations

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Among the keynote ads of yesterday’s Apple were the new iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. One feature of the two devices that surprised users is the ability for iPhone 13 to record video in 4K ProRes.

However, Apple has not announced that to access the highest possible quality of registration you will need to own an iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max model from at least 256 GB of memory. The detail emerged from the technical specifications of the new devices, among which we also found that the iPhone 13 will be heavier and thicker than the iPhone 12. The data sheet, in fact, reports that “iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max support video ProRes recorded via the camera in 1080p and 30 fps in the 128 GB configuration, and 4K to 30 fps in 256 configurations.

ProRes video codecs are designed for professionals, as they guarantee high color fidelity and less video compression: the ProRes video standard is normally used for movies, TV programs and advertising. The ability to record ProRes videos in 4K with iPhone 13 may help many independent creators, but the rather high cost of devices for which the feature will be available may prove problematic. In addition, support for ProRes videos will only come on iPhone 13 along with iOS 15, or even with a future post-launch update of the mobile operating system.

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