Iphone 13 Pro Max And Huawei Matebook X Pro 2021 Discount On Amazon

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Amazon also raises and proposes the classic discounts on electronic and computer products at the end of the year. In this case, today we point out two very interesting promotions: the protagonists are Huawei mateBook X Pro 2021 and iPhone 13 Pro Max in the variant with 512GB of memory, which can be purchased at reduced prices.

The complete list below:

HUAWEI MateBook X Pro 2021 Laptop, 13.9 Inch 3K FullView Touchscreen Notebook PC Portable, Intel i5-1135G7, 16 GB RAM, 1 SSD

Laptop, 13.9 Inch 3K Display FullView Touchscreen Notebook PC Portable, Intel i5-1135G7, 16 GB RAM, SSD from 1 TB, Win 10 Home, Layout Italy

Availability on iPhone 13 Pro Max is not immediate and shipping is scheduled within 1-2 months from the time the order is placed: delivery is scheduled between 25 January 2022 to 3 March 2022. The payment is also given in five monthly Amazon instalments of 307.80 Euro per month, at extra zero costs and zero rate.

It is not possible to make payment in installments on Huawei MateBook X Pro 2021, so delivery at no additional cost is scheduled by Wednesday 5 January 2022. You can also add extra protection for two years by simply ticking the dedicated box.

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