Iphone Se 2022 Shows Itself In Some Renders: Will It Really Have The Notch?

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The new iPhone SE is featured in all the Apple product lineup leaks for 2022. Today, some renders have emerged on the Internet, published by the Xleaks7 leader, of the new Apple mid-range smartphone.

As we show in the image at the bottom, Xleaks7 imagines an iPhone SE 2022 with notch and front shell similar to iPhone 12 and 13 currently in stores, while on the back there is only one camera, accompanied by flash. Frames and edges are rounded and not flat like the latest generation iPhones, and recall the iPhone SE that is also currently available for purchase.

The latest leaked rumors in recent days point to March 2022 as a launch period for iPhone SE 5G, but rumors on the possible body and appearance are contrasting and not all in line with what Xleaks7 shows.

A leader in fact had recently confirmed for iPhone SE 3 the form factor of iPhone 8, a sign that at least this year the much-awaited revolution in design should not be realized, despite the hopes of many.

No information on prices, but an increase may be necessary in light of the implementation of the 5G chip. As always, we will keep you updated as soon as new information arrives.

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