Iptv And Growing Piece, Peak During Dazn Problems With Serie A

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The start to the new Serie A season has brought back the theme of piracy connected to the world of football. An analysis prepared by TIM Data Room, on which he put his hands in Milano Finanza, notes that the phenomenon is still present and growing.

Specifically, TIM has discovered 66 channels, profiles and bots that allowed users to access the streaming games or share their subscription in a completely illegal way. The estimate, is underlined by MF, is partial but represents an important alarm bell as it shows how piracy connected to the sports world is anything but defeated.

The spread of these systems is through social networks, in particular through Facebook Messenger, and anonymous channels of Telegram where offers are offered that can be purchased using bots that manage transactions automatically.

The peak of conversations was recorded during the days of August 21 and 22, in conjunction with the first day of Serie A: “in correspondence with the matches in which many disservices were reported by Dazn” is stated in the report.

From the beginning of the year, the Football League has been pointing the lighthouses at IPTV subscribers, promising fines and sanctions not only for those who offer services.

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