Irobot Patent A Vacuum Cleaner That Avoids The “Needs” Of Dogs And Cats

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The new robot vacuum cleaner from iRobot, Roomba J7s, is expected to be one of the most advanced smart cleaning devices in the world, employing artificial intelligence with the sole aim of avoiding the needs of your pets.

The problem of the excrement of dogs and cats is quite annoying for vacuum robots, who risk to smear entire rooms with the “ricordini” on which they pass. For this reason, iRobot CEO Colin Angle has committed to implementing an artificial intelligence to stem the problem on the new Roombas: according to his own words, “we have worked on it for a long time, and we guarantee it works.”

Angle even talks about years of research to solve the age-old problem of the needs of our animal friends, inviting the public to be wary of competition robots, such as Roborock S6 MaxV and 360 Smart Life robots.

The new iRobot AIA will be implemented on new devices of the company, the Roomba J7+, with version 3.0 of the iRobot Genius operating system, which will be launched in the next few days. The new system will also boast other features, such as a silent mode, the use of AI to identify furniture and the option “Clean When I’m Away,” which connects the robot to the owner’s smartphone and starts the

Waiting to check if iRobot’s artificial intelligence really works, TCL announced the new vacuum robot Sweeva 6500, capable of creating a map of the interior of the house, while Dyson has written a vademecum on materials harmful to its own

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