Is Human Civilization More Violent Or Peaceful Than In The Past?

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Over tens of thousands of years of evolution, violence and the use of brute force have been (unfortunately) always present in human society of all time. A scientific study has however analysed the issue, wondering whether Man has become truly more peaceful than in the past.

Evolutionist psychologist Steven Pinker, one of the most influential intellectuals in the world of science and psychology (also awarded several times by the American Psychological Association and the Royal Institution), stated in one of his books that human beings are daily

In particular, Pinker has emphasized that we have never been so peaceful as in the last period and this has – of course – aroused a little’scalp, since the news from every part of the world are often discomfortable and tell us of conflicts of and

In fact, the presence of wars, firefights and revolutions must not be deceived by the analysis of this tendency, as the killings by violent death – always according to the professor – have been reduced by a great deal every 100,000 inhabitants analysed.

Pinker’s claims are supported by the fact that in modern society (at least in partially civilized areas) there are no more customs such as human sacrifices, lynchings, honor killings and permitted marital abuse. Moreover, the unhealthy habit of beginning real wars in honor of one’s religion has also been abandoned (think of the Crusades and how many deaths they have caused).

Part of this peaceful tendency can be justified by the growing presence of new “usances” to vent their desires and instincts, such as capitalism, trade, entrepreneurship and even a wider mental openness that has

The best technologies, best communication systems and the wisest and most widespread use of good medical practice (which saves more people than in the past) are also factors to be considered.

It is impossible, however, to trace back to the past and calculate precisely the percentage of people who died of violent death. It should be borne in mind that these values are relationships based on the population of every age, so it is clear that the value tends very much in favor of modern society, which is beating all the records of overpopulation.

What do you think? However, we would point out that the study is an estimate of a trend still in progress, and that it always refers to modernised countries.

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