Is It True That Saddam Hussein Transcribed The Koran Using His Blood?

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It seems that in the late 1990s, along with a nurse and a calligrapher, Saddam Hussein had the Koran transcribed using 27 litres of his blood in just two years. There are many people who believe that something is wrong with this story, but what?

After the fall of Baghdad, which took place between 3 and 12 April 2003, among the relics of Saddam Hussein that were destroyed, only the Koran of blood came unharmed.

The story tells that after the attempted murder involving Uday Hussain, Saddam’s son, the latter found his Islamic faith and in an official letter of 2000 he wanted to clarify his position on this matter: “My life was full of

Hussein collaborated with calligrapher Abbas Shakir Joody al-Baghdadi who, after taking 27 litres of blood from the Iraqi dictator, mixed it with stabilizing chemicals and then used it for the drafting of 114 chapters and

The pages of the Blood Koran were later displayed in a pavilion of the mosque Umm al-Ma’arik, or as Hussein himself nicknamed “the mother mosque of all battles.” This was built by the dictator in honor of his alleged victory of the First Gulf War between 1990 and 1991.

The pavilion dedicated to the pages of the Blood Quran was, however, kept under close supervision and access was only allowed to guests invited by Hussein.

The controversy that the Blood Koran generated mainly arose from the Islamic religious community. According to Sharia, human blood being unclean to God inevitably makes even everything it touches unclean, so it should be eliminated. At the same time, precisely because it is the Koran and according to Islamic law it is forbidden to destroy it, the issue becomes almost a paradox.

On the other hand, the amount of blood that would appear to have given Saddam Hussein seems unlikely. Almost all over the world, the maximum amount of blood that can be given by one person is around three litres a year. How, then, would Hussein donate even 27 litres of gallons in just two years?

Some have speculated that it was not only the blood of the dictator but also that of political prisoners or his subordinates. In reality, however, the few eyewitnesses in the matter absolutely denied the previous hypotheses.

The relic in question, however, remained on display until the US forces conquered Baghdad in 2003. After this event, the mosque keepers hid the book and only in 2010 did we hear about the matter from Sheikh Sammarai, the same as he hid guards in his home.

Sammarai stated: “We knew that it would be very much in demand for this reason we decided to protect him even though it is not easy to see him now. There are three keys (to access the crypt under the mosque where the book is located) and none of them are in the same place. I have one, the chief of police has another, and the third is in a zone in Baghdad. To access the crypt you must have the consent of the committee.”

The story is full of captivating curiosities, such as Abraham Lincoln’s career before becoming president or the mysterious machine of Anticythera that amazed historians around the world, and sometimes these can be even a little bit ‘ Have you ever heard of this singular book?

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