Is It True That Thomas Edison Had An Interview Candidate Eat Soup?

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The supposed habits of powerful, intelligent men who have revolutionized or left a visible furrow on our history are always fascinating. Of course, many are living in the air and others are more or less truthful. Today we want to talk about a supposed and strange Thomas Edison habit he used to choose his assistants.

According to various publications over the years, Edison used the soup test to choose his new collaborators. What was that about? He sat down the new candidates at the table and offered them soup that they had to eat. Edison, one of the most prolific designers of his time, did all this to understand the “psychology” of his future assistant.

The inventor, according to the stories, wanted to see how the candidates approached the soup, especially if they salted and peppered the dish before even having tried it. It was said that Edison discarded all those who salted or peppered the soup before even tasting it, on the basis that the candidate made assumptions before even collecting the data.

Is this a real story? The story dates back to 1973 and was attributed to IBM, J.C. Penney (a chain of department stores in the USA) and even to General Douglas MacArthur, the supreme commander of the Southwestern Pacific theatre during World War II.

This is not the first time that false stories have been attributed to a great mind of the past. Albert Einstein is constantly being attributed sentences he never said.

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