Is Your Cat A Psychopath? An Online Test Tries To Find Out, Really

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Cats are creatures that have complex behaviors, which scientists all over the world study day after day. Like humans, these domestic cats also have a character that outlines their behavioral traits. A new study in the Journal of Research in Personality looked for those psychopathic friends.

The test (which you can observe by clicking here) measures 46 feline behaviors. Experts investigated the levels of daring, pettiness and inhibition of cats of 549 people; 40 behavioural themes were identified, used to create a preliminary questionnaire, which was then tested with 1,463 other cat owners.

The final version of the questionnaire investigates 12 different behaviors of cats. These behaviors point out to the master whether their pet torments mice and other animals before killing them, whether they perform behaviors such as sitting on laptops, books and other objects that the owners are trying to use and try to understand if these creature By the way, why do cats like to sit on their masters’ PC?

In addition to these features, the psychopathy model – called CAT-Tri+ – includes two additional attributes of hostility to domestic animals and hostility to man. According to researchers, the information provided by this questionnaire can help owners to better understand their pets, acting to improve their well-being.

For example, those creatures with a high score on the ‘audacity’ scale can benefit from large scratch marks installed in cases. Not only that, the test might come in handy to identify the most suitable owners.

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