Jack Dorsey And Block At Work To Revolutionize Bitcoin Mining: The Ambitious Project

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Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has never hidden his interest in cryptocurrencies, but the announcement that has arrived in the past hours could really revolutionize the market. Block, Dorsey’s company, in fact, is working on an open Bitcoin mining system.

The announcement was explained in a Twitter-open thread by the hardware director of Block, Thomas Templeton, who with a series of tweets outlined what the company’s objectives are to achieve the decentralization of the mining of the cri

The system Block is working on must be easily available, reliable, performing and energy efficient compared to the hashrate. This is the last aspect of the project, because Elon Musk also focused on the excessive energy consumption of Bitcoin, which was required for its mining.

The goal is to make mining more decentralised, in turn making the global network more resilient. This, according to Block, is a necessary goal and linked to the growth of the value of Bitcoin.

Templeton explained that Block is open to develop and build its own ASIC, with a team that will also include software developers. This will create a high-performance integrated system that is also open source.

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