Jack Dorsey Is Sure: In The Future “Bitcoin Will Replace The Dollar”

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Jack Dorsey left Twitter, the platform he co-founded and CEO on November 29, but that doesn’t mean he got away from the world of technology and computer science: on the contrary, Dorsey is a hard-working man.

In particular, Dorsey had already spoken in favour of Bitcoin in 2018, saying that it would become the global single currency within ten years. Three and a half years after Twitter’s ex-CEO statement, we cannot confirm that its prediction is realistic, but the cryptocurrencies have certainly become much more used than in the past.

Dorsey, meanwhile, seems to maintain his optimism about virtual coins: responding to a tweet by American singer Cardi B, who asked “Do you think the cryptocurrencies will replace the dollar?”, Twitter founder has So Jack Dorsey still believes that Bitcoin will replace the dollar, even if this time he has not given a time limit within which his prediction might occur.

Last August, Twitter co-founder had come to say that “Bitcoin will unite a country deeply divided (and possibly the world)” in relation to the American political situation. Dorsey, on the other hand, left Twitter to focus on Block, his fintech company, which deals mainly with blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

During the Dorsey period as Twitter CEO, the platform has programmed several Bitcoin related functions, which could be implemented in the future for all users. Dorsey’s statements, however, do not seem to have generated fluctuations in the value of Bitcoin, which remains stable around 49,000 dollars.

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