James Webb Space Telescope: Let’s Find Out In Our New Video

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The James Webb Space Telescope is now in space. While waiting to discover the outcome of the next steps that the JWST will face, we felt it was necessary to clarify the technology on board and the profound impact this event will have in the history of space exploration.

In fact, after a troubled development path, lasting over 20 years, the James Webb crosses the skies towards L2, where, if everything goes the right way, it can orbit analyzing space and its secrets with technologies of the latest generation

In our new video in the opening, which you can also view in text in the special on James Webb Space Telescope, we will talk about its history, its probes and its iconic appearance with hexagonal golden plates, but not

In fact, we will also try to shed light on the current state of his journey and the joint mission of ESA, NASA and CSA started on December 25, 2021. What were the most complex operations that James Webb has faced in space? And how many more steps will be needed after the full deployment to make this incredible space wonder fully operational? Let’s find out together.

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