Jeff Bezos, The Assets Are Over 200 Billion But Elon Musk Is Very Close To The Overtaking

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He’s breaking $200 billion in Jeff Bezos’ assets. Amazon’s former CEO, who for a few more than a month has given the reins of the company to Andy Jassy, in the latest Bloomberg survey has an estimated assets of 201 billion dollars.

On an annual basis, wealth increased by 10.4 billion dollars, while compared to the last update, growth was 591 million dollars.

Despite this, however, the difference with the second duck in the world is increasingly narrowing: Elon Musk of SpaceX and Tesla in fact has an estimated heritage of 199 billion Dollars, with an annual growth of 29.2 billion and 288 billion

Still remaining in the tech field, Bill Gates after the divorce slipped into fourth position at 154 billion Dollars, despite the increase of 21.9 billion on an annual basis and 304 million Dollars compared to the previous update. Microsoft’s founder is behind Bernard Arnault, who with an estimated $164 billion in assets is in third place. Mark Zuckerberg is fifth at 140 billion Dollars, followed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin at 128 and 124 billion Dollars.

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