Lenovo Displaces Everyone: At Ces 2022 Reveals The Ultrawide Notebook With Integrated Tablet

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After catching our attention with the new Legion 5 notebook range with Alder Lake on stage in Las Vegas, Lenovo CES also wanted to unveil its ThinkPad and ThinkBook lineup. Among these, a curious concept has become a reality.

Already in the past hours we had had the opportunity to appreciate the brand with the launch of ThinkPad Z with recycled materials, but the most innovative idea of the lot is without a shadow of doubt the new Lenovo thinkBook Plus with 8 inch display But that is not his only peculiarity.

If the tablet hits, the wide 17.3 inch display in 21:10 format, ultra wide for maximum productivity, with 3072 x 1440 pixel resolution, Refresh Rate up to 120Hz and 400 pixels, will capture the fans completely. This way, ThinkBook Plus is a third generation user-friendly solution for two categories of users, i.e. those who are looking for such a large display and those who need a secondary display, usually external, for the need of creative and professional multitasking.

The 8-inch LCD display can be used as a control centre but also as a drawing board, with integrated pen and many additional features, such as the isolated calculator, a launcher for applications to be displayed in the secondary screen and the possibility to mirror

Under the body, instead, we find the new Intel Core H Series 12th generation processors, LPDDR5 RAM memory up to 32GB and SSD up to 2TB.

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