Lenovo Embraces The First Fully Female Valorant Team By G2

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Lenovo’s commitment to the world of Esport has always been particularly remarkable. Just a few weeks ago we learned about the renewal of the partnership between Lenovo and Apex Legends Global Series and today the brand announces interesting news about its collaboration with G2 Esport.

The new partnership with G2 Esport was extended until August 2022 and includes an official sponsorship agreement for desktops and laptops and full support for Valorant’s first fully female team “G2 Gozen.” Part of the team are:

Julia “Juliano” Kiran (Sweden)

Michaela “Mimi” Lintrup (Denmark)

Zainab “zAAz” Turkie (Sweden)

Petra “Petra” Stoker (Denmark)

Cecilie “Cilli” Kallio (Denmark)

The brand Lenovo Legion will continue to be used for online and offline activities, as well as being included in the official merchandising of the G2 Gozen team. As a sponsor, Lenovo Legion will provide official gaming equipment to some of the best pro players on the planet under the aegis of the G2 Esport team in the various disciplines represented, including League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege

Alberto Spinelli, EMEA Chief Marketing and Comms Officer of Lenovo, commented that “The extension of this partnership between Lenovo Legion and the G2 Esport team was a natural choice. Both brands are synonymous with great performance and together, we can ensure that all G2 export teams remain at the top of their success. We are proud to be able to promote and enhance players through this agreement with G2 Gozen.”

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