Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 Retires? The Mystery Of The Disappearance In Italy

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We have been working on these pages on several occasions on the Lenovo gaming device Legion Phone Duel 2, originally announced in April 2021, so much so that we have included it in our guide to purchase for the best Android smartphones of 2021. However, there is now a mystery: the model does not seem to be on sale in Italy anymore.

More specifically, the device, which in the last months of 2021 had arrived at a certain juncture to be sold, in the variant from 12/56GB, at a price not bad, or 599 euros, disappeared from the website of Lenovo. The Italian portal page of the brand relative to the product in fact returns an error and in general it does not seem to be any more trace of the device at official level. In the section dedicated to smartphones, in fact, only Motorola devices are referred to and there is no longer any indication of the device in the pages related to gaming.

By the way, by pointing the mouse on the inscription “Gaming,” a link to “Legion Phone Duel” appears again, but the page does not work. The same happens by trying to use the search functionality of the Lenovo website, which reports to the usual error. In other words, it does not seem possible to purchase the device officially, at least in Italy.

Once you’ve arrived at this point, you’ll probably wonder why we’re describing what could be a simple problem related to the Italian website. Well, you need to know that the other pages of the portal work and that the “disappearance” of Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 has arrived more or less in conjunction with the proliferation of leaks related to a new gaming device of the brand

To understand, on 21 January 2022 sources such as GSMArena and PhoneArena began, citing the Chinese social network Weibo as a source, to speculate the next launch of a device called Lenovo Legion Y90. According to rumors, the latter should mount a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor as well as a 6.92-inch AMOLED display with 144Hz refresh rate and 720Hz touch sampling rate. The smartphone data sheet should also include up to 18GB of RAM, up to 512GB of internal memory and a 5500 mAh battery with 68W charging.

There should be an advanced vibration system, as well as triggers. The price should be between € 799 and € 999, while according to the rumors the launch would be scheduled for June 2022. However, it seems that everything could happen faster. In fact, following the proliferation of rumors that emerged online, Lenovo published some official teasers on Weibo (as reported in another article by GSMArena).

In the two teaser images, which you can see at the bottom of the news below the two leak-related renders, you can see triggers and above all you can see the Y90 smartphone, which can apparently be tested in preview by In short, the brand has received an “unofficial” confirmation. When will the official presentation take place? We are not allowed to know, but in the only “unofficial” render of the smartphone you can read the date of March 23. We’ll see: in any case, now you’ll probably have a better understanding of why Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2’s “disappearance” might not be random. I wonder if Lenovo Legion Y90 will come to us.

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