Lenovo Tech World, How Many News: From Thinkvision To Yoga, But There Is Much More

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After revealing its objectives in the field of climate change containment, Lenovo has revealed its product innovations. The well-known brand has solutions for everyone, since it goes from ThinkVision to Yoga, passing through IdeaPad and ThinkEdge.

You should know that the seventh edition of the Tech World event represented for Lenovo the possibility to make multiple ads. We have already dealt with the announcement of ThinkSmart Core (which took place a few days before the Tech World), as well as the release of Lenovo Tab tablets and Smart Wireless Earbuds. In addition, we have already focused on the gaming monitors of the Lenovo G series. Here, instead, we will analyze all the other products that peeped during the event (believe us, Lenovo really “schained”).

ThinkVision P27u-20

ThinkVision P27u-20 is a monitor that features a 27-inch pre-calibrated IPS screen with 4K UHD resolution. The DCI-P3 standard is 99.1% covered, while the Adobe RGB standard is 99.5% covered. The monitor also supports Thunderbolt 4 and Ethernet, aiming to represent a comfortable and versatile solution. In addition, this model can boast a good Energy Star score, aiming to represent an eco-friendly solution. Availability will start in December 2021 in the USA and the price is set at $769.

Yoga Slim 7 Carbon and Yoga Slim 7 Pro

Yoga Slim 7 Carbon is described by Lenovo as the 14-inch lightest OLED laptop in the world, due to its weight of 1.1 Kg (the thickness is 14.9 mm). The panel has QHD+ resolution, as well as a refresh rate of 90 Hz. For the rest, the device can boast various certifications, including the military MIL-STD 810H. If you are wondering what’s under the body, we find a processor up to the AMD Ryzen 7 5800U, as well as a video card up to NVIDIA GeForce MX450 with 2GB of GDDR6 memory. The estimated range is up to 14.5 hours. The availability in the USA will start from October 2021, at a price of $ 1289.99.

Switching to the Yoga Slim 7 Pro, in this case we find a 16-inch touch screen IPS display with QHD resolution and 120Hz update frequency. The brightness reaches up to 500 nit. Despite the subtle frame, you don’t compromise in terms of keyboard, since it is full-sized. For the rest, the internal components include a processor up to AMD Ryzen 7 5800H and a video card up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050. Yes, you understand: Lenovo decided to put a GPU of this type in a Yoga series laptop, so that everyone can play a little video game properly. The operating system? Windows 11. Availability in the USA from October 2021 and price set at $1449.

IdeaPad Duet 5 Chromebook

If you are looking for a 2-in-1, Lenovo has a solution from this point of view too. In fact, IdeaPad Duet 5 is a Chromebook that has this design, which winks at those who point to portability. The weight is 700 grams and the thickness is 7.23mm in the “tablet” mode. For the rest, there is the possibility to use the nib and the estimated autonomy reaches up to 15 hours. There are also four speakers, two USB Type-C ports and two cameras (front 5MP and rear 8MP). Lenovo describes this model as the “first Chromebook detachable with OLED display.” Availability from October 2021 in the USA and price of $ 429.99.

ThinkEdge SE70

Lenovo also decided to aim for edge computing with ThinkEdge SE70. For interested parties, this model features an NVIDIA Carmel ARM 6-core CPU and an NVIDIA Volta 384-core GPU (48 Tensor Core). The well-known brand also said that this product winks at those who seek reliability and flexibility, as ThinkEdge SE70 is designed to work at a wide range of temperatures and has IP certification. This allows you to keep the device always operational even under conditions that are not certainly optimal. In any case, we refer to an edge solution of artificial intelligence for logistics, transport, smart city, retail, healthcare and production sectors. Staying in edge computing, Lenovo has revealed that it will be the first on the market with the VMWare edge solution running on the edge server ThinkSystem SE350. For the rest, a upgrade of Lenovo Open Cloud Automation software has been announced, “to automate the planning, development and continuous management of cloud implementations from data centers to edge sites.”

Lenovo Brain

Lenovo has developed an AI platform at home called Lenovo Brain designed to help solve customer problems in sectors such as manufacturing, education and healthcare. Lenovo Brain will be used to support various sectors with the construction, implementation and support of its IA solutions.

Lenovo TruScale embraces the Everything-As-A-Service model

“With the extension of the TruScale brand to infrastructure services, Lenovo extends all its as-a-Service offers under one umbrella to provide a truly global solution that makes everything from device to cloud accessible through one Lenovo TruScale offers businesses of all sizes the flexibility they need to stay competitive with a scalable cloud-like model and scheduled payment options that allow you to include hardware and services. This transition to a fully integrated As-A-Service strategy gives life to Lenovo’s vision of merging its smarter devices, infrastructure and solutions in a new way, which helps companies face market challenges and providing IT leaders with performance and performance. With Lenovo TruScale, infrastructure solutions are fully managed, offering the benefits of an on-premise cloud environment combined with the tranquility of data management in a hybrid environment,” the company explained.

Project Unity

To conclude the analysis of what Lenovo presented during the seventh edition of Tech World, it is good to focus on Project Unity, which “encloses” a bit the company’s philosophy. This is a solution that in fact creates a sort of ecosystem among the various products proposed by the company, since it allows to obtain a fluid and unified experience among the devices of Lenovo. To understand, it is possible to “couple” a laptop to a tablet, for example, so as to “extend” the screen of the first. In doing so, you can potentially use the nib to draw on an image, then having the latter already available on the computer. In short, it is certainly an interesting “bridge” among Lenovo devices. If you are wondering, you can use this feature at no extra cost, as it will be pre-installed on the tablets of the Lenovo P12 range and downloadable for all Windows 10 or Windows 11 PCs of the brand.

In short, Lenovo has made several ads, aiming to offer products suitable for many users.

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