Lenovo Thinksmart Core Available Today Globally: In Italy At 1935 Euro

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Lenovo today announces the global availability of the new ThinkSmart Core, the previously announced device that represents the first modular kit for meeting rooms. Based on the Intel vPro platform, it is available in two configurations.

ThinkSmart Core + Controller is the solution designed for workspaces that are already equipped with certified audio and video devices for Microsoft Teams Rooms. ThinkSmart Core Full Room Kit, on the other hand, provides that together with ThinkSmart Core and the Controller is flanked the ThinkSmart Cam and ThinkSmart Bar, to return audio and video immersive and Lenovo points out that this is a solution suitable for huddle rooms, meeting rooms and home offices and can be enhanced thanks to the microphone.

ThinkSmart Core includes the eleventh generation Intel Core vPro processor with 256 gigabyte SSD and supports virtually every meeting space. Its advantage is that it can be discreetly positioned thanks to the integrated cable management system and compatibility with VESA brackets. The touch screen is 10.1 inches, instead.

ThinkSmart Controller is also powered by a 10 meter USB-C cable and is able to recognize when participants enter the meeting spaces thanks to integrated infrared sensors. Also present is the 3.5mm jack for a direct audio connection.

ThinkSmart Core + Controller is available in Italy for € 1935,00 VAT excluded, while ThinkSmart Core Full Room Kit can be purchased for € 2.775,00.

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