Lenovo Unveils Gaming Monitors G27E-20 And G24E-20 At Tech World

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The 2021 edition of the Tech World event is packed with ads from Lenovo. After revealing two tablets and earphones, the well-known brand has also officially announced gaming monitors, namely Lenovo G27e-20 and Lenovo G24e-20.

These are two models, obviously 27 inches and 24 inches respectively, which aim at supporting AMD FreeSync technology and a refresh rate of 100Hz (120Hz overclock). The resolution of the VA panels is Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), the brightness reaches 300 nit, you reach 95% in terms of sRGB and there are various certifications related to the reduction of eye fatigue. In short, Lenovo’s proposals aim to offer the user a “stress-free” gaming experience.

In this context, response times are 1ms Moving Picture Response Time (MPRT). In any case, the G series announced by Lenovo in the context of the Tech World event certainly aims to meet the needs of the video players, but also has a design a little more “sober” than the classic gaming monitors that can be found on the This means that these solutions can be used safely without disfigured in other environments, for example in the office.

As for the availability of Lenovo G27e-20 and Lenovo G24e-20, both monitors will arrive in the USA from October 2021. The starting prices are fixed at $239.99 and $209.99 respectively.

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