Let’s Do Some False Myth About Black Widows… They’re Not That Terrible.

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You can hardly hear about black widows. When you feel it, though, you certainly do not talk about it. There are many false myths about the spider, and that is why we want to talk about it. First of all, know that, although its poison is powerful, less than 1% of the bitten developes the serious symptoms that can be treated with an antidote.

The black widow is not the most deadly spider in the world and never bite people without being provoked; in fact, according to a study in 2014 most of the time they do it when they are crushed or disturbed. Their poison, moreover, has not evolved to kill humans, but to immobilize small preys. The snake poison evolved to kill, for example.

– Black widows are not (almost) cannibals

Many believe that the name “black widow” was attributed to the spider because the females of the species devour the males after mating. It’s a false idea and it comes from a laboratory experiment. Since the females are 150 times larger than the males, if left together to starve, the female specimen will surely attack the male to feed on them.

There are also many species of black widows (genus Latrodectus); three species of black widows exist only in the United States, while the only known species of Latrodectus where the cannibalism of the companion occurs in nature is found in the While in the US species this phenomenon has only been observed rarely.

– Only females have “red clessidra” on their backs

Black widows acquire their characteristic dark colour only during their old age (when they are young their color is attested to brown or white). Only adult females, moreover, develop a red hourglass sign on their abdomen and some red spots over the weaving organs. Scientists say these red spots serve as a warning to predators.

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