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Liftmaster 8550W Elite Series Review

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Liftmaster is a garage door opener. It is quieter and easier to operate than cheaper chain-drive units. Liftmaster 8550W isn’t much more expensive than other models in the same price range.

The Decent DesignLiftMaster 8550 has a red accent and a pearl housing.

LiftMaster products have been designed for installation. If you want to save money on garage door opener installation, I would recommend a belt drive garage door opener from Chamberlain.

The rail pieces that are clipped together from a box kit will not be found in this picture. You will get a single long rail. You have to pay more for it.

Wall Control Panels

The control panels tell us the temperature in the garage. The doors can be closed on a timer we set.

The wall control panels can tell us if something is blocking the sensor. It stops the doors from closing.

Motion Detecting Light

There are two bulbs on each side of the opener. The lights go on when the doors open.

Imagine if the sun is not out yet and we have to go to work, how bright the lights are when they sense us.

If you have a garage with natural daylight, the motion detector will still light up even if you don’t need it. If you find the motion detector annoying, you can turn it off.

LiftMaster 8550 can be controlled with a phone. To make MyQ work, you need a gateway.

If the power goes out, Liftmaster 8550 can still open and close the doors, but with a battery backup. If you don’t have this feature, your garage door will feel more like a prison gate.

The battery has a one year warranty, the motor has a lifetime warranty gate repair and the rest of the parts have a five year warranty. Expect to replace batteries every few years.

If you use the CIGBU gateway, I recommend that you put it on aUPS to avoid being stranded in the event of a power failure.

There is not much in the box. There is a main unit, a wall control panel, and a remote in the box. If you’re not living alone, you will probably need an additional remote for $40.

It should be able to lift a two car door. HP does not rate the DC motors. It has a built-in backup battery, but only DC motors have battery backups first. The unit does not have safety beams in the box.

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