Log4Shell Continues To Cause Damage: Ftc Promises Fines For Those Who Do Not Update Log4J

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According to Apache, the Log4j logging tool manufacturer, the Log4Shell leak was resolved last December, not before it caused millionaire damage to servers around the world. However, it seems that some criminals are still using Log4Shell’s exploit on servers using VMware Horizon.

In particular, hackers would use a Log4j breach of the VMware Horizon platform to install malware and get full control of infected servers: the most serious case found these days is that of the British National Health System, the system

The flaw, known as CVE-2021-44228, is one of the most widely diffused and serious of recent years, so much so that Log4Shell reached gravity 10 in decimal scale only a few days after its appearance on the web. This depends on the fact that the failure program, Log4j, is used by millions of servers around the world, making them all vulnerable to malware and exploits.

The attacks on servers affected by Log4Shell continued throughout December, along with similar exploit attempts by VMware, which suffers from the same vulnerability. Both Apache and VMware have released updates for their products that solve the problem, but not all servers have been properly updated by their administrators.

Yesterday, the US Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, warned all servers with contacts with the public to upgrade, threatening very high fines if not. The main example, in this situation, is the 575 million dollar penalty received by Equifax in 2019, when it was discovered that the company had not applied any resolving patch to a breach that could cause huge damage to its customers.

In an official comment, the FTC said that it “will use its full authority to prosecute companies that have not protected consumer data in a reasonable manner, taking appropriate precautions, after the discovery of Log4j and any other similar vulnerabilities in the future.”

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