Log4Shell: Hackers Exploit The Flaw On Hp Servers And Become Millionaires With Mining

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Log4Shell’s security breach, which has affected large companies like Microsoft and Intel, seems to have caused damage to many other companies, but they have been unaware of the problems for several days. This is the case of the HP servers with AMD EPYC CPUs, which were attacked between December 9 and 17.

The discovery of the attack on HP servers came just before Christmas, after no less than a week of illicit use of servers for mining a cryptocurrency known as Raptoreum. Hackers attacked only HP servers with AMD EPYC CPUs, one of the most powerful in the world and perfect for mining on the blockchain on which Raptoreum is based, managing to earn almost a million

The news of the attack comes from the EinNews portal, which confirmed that 9,000 servers of HP have been involved, all equipped with AMD EPYC CPUs: hackers have managed to pass over server hardware blocks and to happen to the Just a few days ago, AMD stated that its products are “immune” to Log4Shell.

According to EinNews, Raptoreum hashrate has grown from 200 MH/s to 400 MH/s in a very short time and without major investment in the currency blockchain. In particular, the portal says that “one address contributed about 100-200 MH/s of hashrate” referring obviously to that of HP servers, also reporting that the hashrate increase of the Raptoreum blockchain is

EinNews explains: “During the attack, there were breaches in many servers, each of which emitted a significant hashrate thanks to its hardware, which is that of a high-level server equipment. Very few organizations in the world have this type of hardware in their hands.”

According to EinNews, Raptoreum’s server exploits would last from 9 to 17 December 2021, and would produce 30% of the total value of Raptoreum on the market, which is approximately 3.4 million Dollars. However, these data are still to be confirmed, while EinNews reports with certainty that, only between December 9 and 12, 100,000 Dollars were produced and stolen in Raptoreum. Meanwhile, on December 19 a Log4j patch was released that solves the vulnerability of Log4Shell.

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