Log4Shell Is A Data Theft Vehicle From Universities Due To Thequatic Panda Malware

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Although the Log4Shell vulnerability has been resolved by Apache, the company that created the Log4j logging tool, the problems with servers and server networks that have not yet updated Log4j to the latest version seem to be It seems that the most affected services would now be those of universities.

In fact, cybersecurity company CrowdStrike has discovered the Chinese-born,quatic Panda malware, which aims to use Log4j’s critical vulnerabilities to sneak into university and university servers.

CrowdStrike confirmed that he identified and stopped Aquatic Panda in action, also saying that the attack was aimed at an “important academic institution.” The fact that the group at the base of Aquatic Panda has links with the Beijing Government is making matters worse, so that CrowdStrike analysts referred to it as a “Chinese State sponsored group”: it has been

The group used the leak known as Log4Shell CVE-2021-4428, a log4j vulnerability with 10 out of 10 severity. At the moment the breach has already been resolved, but not all devices affected by vulnerability have been updated to the latest version of Log4j, so they still remain subject to hacker attacks. According to CrowdStrike, “Very likely, during the attack a modified version of the Log4j exploit was used”: fortunately, however, the agency states that “we were able to implement a response protocol, which allowed us to

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