Looking For A Usb Microphone? Blue Yeti 30% Discount On Amazon

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At the time we write there is an exact week to Christmas 2021. The race for tech gifts has come alive and there are not a few people who are looking for some intriguing product. Among the myriad offers active during this period, you might be interested in furthering Amazon’s promotion on the Blue Yeti USB microphone.

The price of the product has indeed dropped to 97.99 euros on Amazon. Generally the cost would be instead of 139,99 euros, so the discount is 30%, for a possible saving of 42 euros. This could be a good opportunity for those who want to improve audio quality for PC and Mac, as well as for those who want to start approaching the streaming world.

In this very last field, as well as of course in the world of videos in general (think about the content published on YouTube), Blue Yeti is a well-known name. It is a not too expensive microphone with four detection modes: omnidirectional, bidirectional, stereo and cardioid. Recordings can therefore be made which would usually require more microphones.

Another point in favor of this product is the plug-and-play experience: just connect it via USB port to a PC or Mac and you can then start recording in no time.

For the rest, remember that in these hours on Amazon there are also offers on Smart TV.

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