Macbook Pro 2021: There Are Problems With Sd Cards, Apple Promises A Fix Soon

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Apple has re-introduced SD ports on the new Macbook Pro of 2021, loved by many users and disappeared in Cupertino laptops of the past years. The addition of the SD housing, along with the HDMI port, has made several fans happy: however, it seems that the SD card slot of some Macbook Pro 2021 has problems.

In particular, according to reports from several MacRumors users, the SD port of some Macbook Pro 2021 does not seem to work properly with some cards currently on the market. According to many users, problems are common to different SD cards, which users cannot access or have very low file transfer speeds only on Cupertino’s laptop.

In some situations, the insertion of SD card into the housing leads to the Finder crash, or to an error message related to external memory. In other cases, however, before memory becomes accessible, it takes several minutes to wait. According to the MacRumors 2StepFan user, “it’s all very frustrating. I was hoping that importing some images from an SD card would be quick on my 14″ Macbook Pro. I own a fairly recent 64 GB SD card, which has always worked well so far. But the Photos app of the Macbook Pro takes minutes to show pictures on the SD card, and sometimes crashes occur in half the work. Sometimes Finder crashes also occur.”

According to MacRumors, some users would have contacted Apple, who in turn would have said that he was aware of the problem, which will be solved with a software update as soon as possible, probably already with the update to MacOS Monterey 12.1. Some users who have suffered from these problems have changed their Macbook Pro to another, and it seems that they have not encountered the same bugs anymore. It seems, therefore, that the problem is limited only to some laptops of Cupertino, and not to all those currently on the market.

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