Mediaworld, Duracell Batteries And Buttons In Offer At Just 1.99 Euro

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After discussing the launch of the X-Days initiative by MediaWorld, we will continue to explore the promotions related to the famous chain on these pages. In fact, among the various online offers referred to as “End Series” there are discounts related to some batteries.

As we descend more in detail, the 2 pieces of the Duracell Plus Power C is now offered at just 1.99 euros through the official MediaWorld portal. It appears that the cost of these was EUR 4.99 previously. The price has therefore been more than halved.

In addition to this, the 4 piece pack of the Isy BATT BUTTON CR2020 is now sold at a cost of 1.99 euros on the MediaWorld website (previously the price was 3.99 euros). It is not clear how many stocks of these products have remained, considering also the fact that they are promotions “End Series,” but it could be a good opportunity for those who maybe already had plans to make some purchase from MediaWorld and needs batteries. Do not count too much on the possibility of buying large quantities, as there are probably few units left at this price.

In any case, someone might want to add the above-mentioned low-cost products to the cart, bringing home objects that can always be useful.

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