Mediaworld, Iphone 13 256Gb Discounted At Great Price: Few Units?

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The moment that a good number of people were waiting for arrived: in these days close to Christmas 2021 the availability of the iPhone 13 from 256GB seems to be improved compared to a few days ago. A MediaWorld offer comes in this context that offers the product at a good price, let’s discover it together.

The smartphone is now sold at a price of 949 euros on the official MediaWorld portal. Generally the cost of the product would be 1,059 euros, so you can save 110 euros. Not bad, in a period when it can be difficult even to find such a device, as we saw in the deepening on the availability of iPhone 13 from 128GB (a few days ago we had tried to look for the model that is now at discount, that is the one

The colors available in the promotion are those Blue and PRODUCT(RED), so there is a minimum choice. Among other things, the product is also available from Unieuro to 949 euros. In the latter case, the only color available at the time we write is that of PRODUCT (RED). On Amazon, however, at 949 euros you can find the variants Azzurro, Midnight and PRODUCT(RED).

We recommend that you pay attention to shipping times, as in some cases you can go well beyond Christmas 2021. What is certain, however, is that availability has improved compared to a few days ago.

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