Mediaworld Offers Only For Today Large Discounts On 4 Smart Tv 4K Lg And Sony

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In addition to the Mediaworld Back to School offers on TV until September 12, the distribution chain also offers other smart TV 4K LG and Sony for discount between promotions Only for Today. Let’s see what models are involved and the respective price cuts are valid until the end of the day.

We start from our practice from the cheapest model that, on this occasion, is the TV LG 4K 55UP78006LB, new 2021 proposal at 689 Euro instead of 849 Euro. It is a 55-inch Ultra HD 4K LED panel television with 60Hz update frequency, HLG, HDR and HDR 10 video side support, WebOS 6.0 operating system and also support to DVB-T2 and DVB-S standards

Staying at home LG we also find the TV LG NanoCell 4K 55NANO866PA, another news of 2021 discounted from 1.099 Euro to 949 Euro, payable in 20 monthly rates Zero from 47,45 Euro. In this case the display is always Ultra HD 4K 55 inch but with NanoCell technology, while there is support for HDR, HDR10 Pro, HLG and Dolby Vision IQ video side and Dolby Atmos The operating system remains WebOS 6.0.

So let’s go to the Sony TVs, starting with the Google TV Sony LED 4K KD43X85J, model released in 2021 and available until 23:59 today, Tuesday 7 September 2021, at 799 Euro instead of 999 Euro, This smart TV comes with 43-inch Ultra HD 4K LED display with 100Hz, HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision, Google TV OS, Android 10 and Dolby A Here again, support for DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 standards is guaranteed.

This small list includes the Sony OLED KE48A9 TV from 1.649 Euro to 1.249 Euro, equipped with 48-inch OLED Ultra HD 4K panel with 100Hz, HDR10, refresh rate,

Among the other mediaworld promotions we also saw several gaming devices at a discount until September 12th.

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